We have 200,000 tons of steel in stock. You can find our stock here.

Round bars, blocks and flat steel bars

We supply steels designed for high-stress shearing and press tools, for moulds requiring corrosion resistance as well as excellent polishing, for mould cores for die casting. They are used where the demands on tool life exceed the capabilities of conventional steels.

We offer special tool steels in the following variants:

  • round bars and round bar sections
  • blocks, block sections, flat steel bars

We provide:

  • saw cutting
  • machining to dimensions according to customer’s requirements
  • heat treatment including vacuum quenching
  • completion of deliveries with other types of material
  • assistance with the selection of appropriate steel for a particular application

Types of steels:

  • nitrogen-alloy stainless tool steel LC 200 N
  • It excels in very good toughness at hardnesses of up to 60 HRC and in excellent polishability.
  • high-alloy tool steel
  • Replacement for high-speed steel 1.3343 if better toughness is required.
  • powerful semi-high-speed steel Z-WEAR PM
  • Made by powder metallurgy for applications where high abrasion resistance and very good toughness are required.
  • martensitic hardened steel Vaco 180
  • High-strength and tough steel, Rm min. 1960 MPa.
  • powder metallurgy steel Z-TUFF PM
  • It excels in great toughness at hardnesses of up to 62 HRC.
Technical specification