We have 200,000 tons of steel in stock. You can find our stock here.

Standard delivery

We supply steel bars and other metallurgical materials. We can meet specific material requirements for non-series and series production. We also provide smaller volumes and special types of steels. We distribute within precisely specified deadlines.

  • wide stock assortment
  • sophisticated logistics
  • special types of steels
  • material quality for the most demanding applications
  • expertise and consultancy

Comprehensive delivery

The comprehensive delivery extends the standard delivery with a new dimension of service in metallurgical material deliveries. The material is delivered ready for direct deployment into the production, i.e. cut or pre-machined. We distribute the material packaged according to the customer’s requirements within a precisely specified deadline directly for the first cycle of the semi-finished product processing.

This brings, among others, the following additional benefits:

  • stock optimization
  • reduction of the cost of storage and handling and material preparation
  • material at specified batches and time
  • delivery of material according to exact specification of use