We have 200,000 tons of steel in stock. You can find our stock here.

Bohdan Bolzano – you can tell the difference

We supply steel bars and other metallurgical materials. We have our own warehouses, production capacities and perfect logistics. We will help you find a way to optimize your stock by delivering “right on time”.

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We guarantee perfect technical level of deliveries, deadlines and trouble-free deployment of materials into the production.

We supply metallurgical material ready for direct deployment into the production, packaged according to the customer’s requirements within a precisely specified deadline directly for the first cycle of the semi-finished product processing.

We provide further processing of metallurgical products by cutting, machining and shaping according to customers’ wishes, as well as additional material testing.

Our product range:


Expertise and technical maturity of the company

Innovative approach
to the customer

Above-standard range
of assortment

Flexible stock according
to customer’s requirements

Efficient delivery

Comprehensiveness of services