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We are an established Czech brand. Since 1995, we have been active in Kladno, in the “noble” heart of Europe, where we deal with the distribution and pre-processing of metallurgical materials. We supply mainly engineering companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries.

We provide a wide range of metallurgical materials. We have our own warehouse, production capacities and perfect logistics. We are a stable professional consultant and partner in the field of metallurgical materials.

Try service from Bohdan Bolzano.

Who was Bohdan Bolzano?

Bohdan Bolzano was an important industrialist of the 19th century who worked in our region – Kladno, Slaný and the surroundings. He established the company BOLZANO, TEDESCO & COMP in Slaný, which produced equipment for sugar factories and mines, steam engines and other components necessary for the development of the ongoing industrialization.

Bohdan Bolzano was not only a competent businessman, but also a recognized technician and holder of several patents. The company’s products, such as the Bolzano’s system grate, won awards at world exhibitions. An important achievement was the implementation of the patent of the steam pump.


We offer a wide range of metallurgical material types, including specific grades

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