We have 200,000 tons of steel in stock. You can find our stock here.

Long-term development and clear vision

Our long-term goal is to be compatible with our business partners and employees in the area of products and services, but also in the economic and information fields.

Our values are:

  • quality of customer service
  • meeting promised deadlines
  • expertise and technical competence of employees
  • continuous increase of added value for the customer
  • favourable working conditions and motivation for employees

Certifications guarantee the quality of our products. Bohdan Bolzano has a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 requirements. The system currently meets the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2015.

We are holders of:

  • Certifikát EN ISO 9001:2015 cz
  • Zertifikat EN ISO 9001:2015 de
  • Certificate EN ISO 9001:2015 en
  • Certifikát – EN ISO 9001:2015 sk


We offer a wide range of metallurgical material types, including specific grades

Our warehouses and logistics guarantee speed and flexibility of delivery

We provide material preparation
for production

We are your technical advisor
in material selection