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Castings produced by centrifugal casting

Our company is an exclusive contractual partner of Kuhn Edelstahl in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We present the entire production programme of Kuhn Edelstahl to Czech and Slovak companies. Above all, these are special types of steels and alloys such as high-alloy corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, creep-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials. Centrifugal casting technology produces hollow products in the form of thick-walled tubes. Products, which are machined, are offered to our customers in the form of semi-finished products for further processing or in the form of final parts according to the customer’s drawings.

Classification of steels:
  • Stainless and acid-resistant steels
    – Ferritic and martensitic
    – standard
    – low-carbon martensites – “soft”
    – low-carbon martensites – maraging
    – Duplex
    – LC-duplex steel (low carbon)
    – HC-duplex steel (high carbon)
    – super-duplex steel
    – Austenites
    – austenites without Mo
    – austenites with 2–3% of Mo
    – austenites with 3–4% of Mo
    – austenites with 4–6% of Mo
    – austenites with increased Si content
    – fully austenitic special steels
  • Abrasion-resistant tool steels
    For cold forming
    For hot forming
  • Abrasion-resistant steels with increased abrasion resistance
    Hard chrome-alloy cast iron
    Carbide austenitic hard cast iron
    Carbide ferritic hard cast iron
  • Nickel alloys

Areas of application of centrifugally cast tubes:

  • sealing and filtering equipment
  • pumps and fittings
  • valve seat rings for diesel engines
  • products for the food industry
  • production of decanters
  • products for iron and steel works
  • shipbuilding
  • abrasion-resistant parts and bearings

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Technical specification


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