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Tutorials and seminars in the field of steel materials

Bohdan Bolzano, s.r.o. provides its customers with technical support and assistance in the form of professional seminars in the field of steel materials.

The lecturer and expert supervisor is Ing. Erich Přibil, CSc.

The following thematic units may be considered:

  • material science
  • technical standards of steel products
  • useful properties of steels and steel products for various purposes
  • testing and quality control
  • basics of technology of production and processing of metallurgical products

The aim of the seminars and programmes is to provide the target staff group (sales, purchasing, technology, design, etc.) with practical knowledge that will improve their orientation in the issues of production and use of steel materials.

The topics are presented in a way that corresponds to the structure of the participating team, or their expertise. Study materials are provided for each programme.

Benefits of attending the seminars:

1. High professional level is ensured by long-term experience of the lecturer in the areas of technology, technical service, testing of steel products and metallurgical trade. Participants can, depending on their interest and the topic, consult specific issues and use their knowledge in their profession.

2. The content of the seminar is determined by the customer. There is no universal and pre-arranged routine product. In terms of scope, content and course itself, the programme is always compiled according to the requirements of the participants or the client. Part of the seminar is always devoted to the discussion of the subject matter and also specific questions of the participants.

Those interested in seminars can contact our sales staff for details or write directly to erich.pribil@bolzano.cz

Offered seminar topics can be found here.


High professional level

Selection of topics according to the composition of the participants

The content of the seminar is determined by the customer

Study materials are provided for each programme

Discussion and practical overlap